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Café Sockenstugan


Café Sockenstugan

Welcome to a cozy and historic inn. Easily accessible via the E20, with monastery ruins of Ramundeboda. Providing homemade lunch, Kling ice cream, cakes, pies, coffee, tea etc. In a serene environment, good for the soul!

Ramundeboda is one of the start-/stopping points of the Bergslags trail, and starting point for the Pilgrims trail Munkastigen.

There is a child friendly beach at lake Borasjön.

A smaller hostel with 8 beds.

Open all year round.

 Korsbacken, 69593 Finnerödja

  +46 584 604 35 eller

        +46 - 761 10 76 33



   Café Sockenstugan