Are you interested in mining industry and its history? In this case it might be worse taking a trip to Zinkgruvan, Swedens southernmost mine. Mining has a long tradition in this region and in Zinkgruvan you will find both, current mining activities, as well as the historical mine Knalla. You can visit the mining museum, where you will learn more about the technics used in earlier days. It is also possible to participate in guided tours through the old mine shafts, 200 meter under earth. Generally speaking has the area a lot to offer to history interested, as well a sporty visitors. Hiker, golfer, biker, skier… they all find their luck in Zinkgruvan
The area east from Askersund has been living from mining activity since several hundred years. The greatest attraction is of course the mining museum Knalla Gruva in Zinkgruvan. Here you can breath history, listen to former miners’ stories, follow on tours under earth, watch former mining equipment and even take a ride on the old mining train.
If you want to travel even more in history, you are welcome to visit mining sites in the surroundings. Both, Garpa gruva and Västerby gruva were used between the 17th and 19th century. The latest has witnessed a great tragedy when the tunnel collpased, burring several miners, in 1768.
Mariedamm, a few kilometers away from Zinkgruvan, is another historical mining site. Here you can discover a well preserved blast furnace, one of the most important equipments of metal extraction. When autumn is coming, the site is taken over by charcoal burner who tend the coal piles, like it used to be in ancient times. This traditionnal event is celebrated during an entire week, with a bunch of activities.

Zinkgruvan is a destination for nature lovers as well! You can choose among a couple of different trails, which mostly run through nature reserves. After having visited the mining museum in Zinkgruvan, avail yourself of the opportunity to take a walk in the Knalla nature reserve, which is literrally next door.
Another popular trail is called ”Mariedammleden”, that starts from the earlier named blast furnace. You can choose between 4 or 11 kilometer long trails, which will lead you along old mining holes, over meadows and through forests. One highlight is the fantastic Runsala oak, which needs six people to get embraced!
If you like biking, you can cycle round the Åmmelången lake. You will even find a bunch of mountainbiking trails in the area.

If you want to have it more relaxed, you might enjoy a game of golf on Askersunds Golfclubbs green in Åmmeberg, one of Swedens most popular courses.
Finally, Zinkgruvan and its surroundings offer another curiosity. Due to the fact, that it is situated a bit higher than the rest of the area, it is possible practice cross-country skiing during winter time there

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