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Tiveds landhandel


Butcher in the forest!

In the village of Sannerud, at the foot of the national park, lies Tiveds Lanthandel. The store is famous for its fine self-smoked meat, good cheeses and home-made sausages. You will of course find all the basic goods as well, and most of other necessities to your hiking and holidaytour.

Tiveds Lanthandel has been open since 1921 and runs by Joacim and Maria Cleryd since 2017. Chark and delicacies are their specialty and many of the goodies are made by themselves.

You will find local produced fine meat for grilling, salads and accessories.

Feel free to order a genuine Tived picnic basket to take with you on your hike, paddling or ridetrip.

Welcome to a real shop in the heart of Tiveden!


  Sannerudsbygata 23, 696 97 TIVED

  +46 (0)584-474015

 Tiveds lanthandel

  Tiveds lanthandel

 Tiveds lanthandel