Ramundeboda monastery ruin

Dubbelkallaren ramundeboda.png

Ramundeboda monastery ruin

At Lake Borasjön on the E20 motorway, 4 km west of Laxå, you can find the remains of a Antonite monastery, which was built at the end of the 13th century.

Ramundeboda is also the original place where the Ramundeboda Church stood, which later moved to Laxå. The church was built during the years 1686 to 1688, and was relocated in 1899.

The cemetery and the chapel, as well as the outside bell, remained on site.

The ruin has been restored and can be visited, beautifully situated on the northern side of Lake Borasjön.

There is also a walk to the peninsula, where the monks had their garden.

In the authentic building Sockenstugan, you can eat and drink coffee with homemade cakes and waffles during the summer.

In the lake it is good to swim.

Fishing is possible with a fishing license (see below)

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