Fishing at lake Unden


Welcome to fish in lake Unden.

Undens Fishing Association is a nonprofit organization. All revenue from the permits goes back to the lake in the form of improved fishing possibilities and fish conservation methods.

Fishing licenses for the lake Unden can be bought here:

Camping Tiveden, Baggekärr, Tived.  Tel. 0584-47 40 83
Tiveds Lanthandel, Sannerud, Tived. Tel. 0584-47 40 15
Hamgården Nature Resort Tiveden Tel. 0584-47 40 30
Arne Albertsson, Norra Åsebol, Gårdsjö. Tel. 070-514 85 18
Tivedsbadet, Ullsandsmo, Finnerödja. Tel. 0705-29 39 00
Karl-Ingvar Lindström, Furuvägen 10, Finnerödja.      Tel. 070-677 49 88


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Fishing rules:

Our selling points have information about fishing rules and prices of the licenses. You can also get information on the following websites.