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Here is where you find Tiveden National Park:

LATEST! Travel to nature with nature in mind! During 2019 visitors will be able to travel to Tiveden from the town of Laxå for free by bus. You will not need a car!

See the timetable here:

Do you wish to travel more sustainably to one of our most beautiful national parks? During spring, summer and autumn 2019 the municipality of Laxå will be organizing transport by bus to and from Tiveden National Park and its surrounding overnight facilities. The schedule will be adjusted to the existing trainschedules. It will be simple to switch from the train to the bus and vise versa at Laxå trainstation. 

Most visitors to Tiveden National Park and its surrounding areas most often travel with their own vehicle. This can bring on complications for the existing roadnetwork and other infrastucture. Above all else it has a negative effect on the environment. This project will create a basis for the future to further develop sustainable means of travel for people wishing to enjoy our beautiful nature.

During spring, 4/4-9/6 the bus will be driven Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays from Laxå trainstation to the area around Tiveden National Park, round trip. During spring the bus will have to be pre-booked. Booking is done whilst guests are booking their accommodation and latest at 16 PM two days before arrival. If there are no bookings the trip is cancelled.


Here you will find the national park Tiveden:


In Laxå is the trainstation with connections to Göteborg, Stockholm, Karlstad, Hallsberg and Örebro. Take the bus or a taxi to Tiveden.SJ


Bus (761) transports you to Tiveden from Laxå on schooldays. 
More information, click here

Länstrafiken i Örebro län



From highway E20 take entrance Tived (Finnerödja) and drive road 572 towards Tived.

From Karlsborg, drive road 49, take the entrance with Granvik towards Tived. Or take entrance National park Tiveden.

From Askersund take road 205 towards Laxå, take then entrance to Tived.



Örebro airport: Nordica Air, 70 km

Linköping: KLM, 110 km