Staying in Tiveden




Verner von Heidenstams birthplace.
  • Restaurant, Café, Hotel
  • Conferences
  • Catering in Tiveden and the lakes of Norra Vättern.
  • Visits of Birgitta church and Verner från Heidenstams remembrance room.

The garden is open all year round.

Herrgården is a combined  mansion and restaurant with seatingplace for 60-80 guests.

We serve Vättern salmon and röding from local fishermen.

Café with homebaked bread.

Dinners, arrangements for festivities and gatherings, guided tours, crayfish fishing.

Library/ conference room for 20 pers.

Next to the mansion you will find Birgitta church, named after Saint Birgitta.

Verner from Heidenstam was born here July 6, 1859, a room is preserved as a museum for his memory, guided tours.


   Heidenstamsvägen, 69 673 Olshammar

   +46 583 504 30