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Yoga and riding in Tiveden


Yoga and riding in Tiveden

At Ösjönäs we offer accommodation and different ways of experiencing the magical wild woods of Tivedens National park which surrounds us.

A stay at Ösjönäs provide unique opportunities to experience this exceptional nature.
These days we invite you to an experience for all senses. Give yourself some days of active relaxation – we eat delicious food, breath, walk, do yoga, ride, bath in the floating sauna and lakes. The riding is on smooth Icelandic horses and other gaited horses as the Peruvian Paso and Rocky Mountain Horse. You need some previous riding experience and need to be prepared to ride in all gaits/speeds as well as on trails and paths in the woods.
The yoga is kundalini yoga/medical yoga. It will be soft sessions and no prior experience of yoga, qi gong or meditation is needed for these days.


Day 1: Arrival Ösjönäs during late afternoon/evening. We will do a shorter yoga session as an introduction to the days and share a light meal. Please let us know if you arrive later than 7 pm.

Day 2: We gather before breakfast for a Qi Gong/ mindfulness - session down at the lake. A beautiful way to start the day. Breakfast is served 8-9.30 am.
Guided hike and yoga in Tiveden National Park. We bring some snacks and coffee/tea (which in Sweden is called “fika”).
Lunch 1.30 pm
Afternoon is spent on horseback. Often we finish of in the stables by 5.30 pm. “Fika” during the ride. (Sometimes we divide the group into two and half of us ride in the morning and the others in the afternoon)
The floating sauna is hot and ready for you to enjoy before dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast is served 8-9.30 am

10 am: Yoga and meditation – we end of with lunch at approx. 12.00

Bring clothes that allow you to ride, to move and breathe both for indoor and outdoor, a small backpack, a flask and your swimming gear.

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