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Discover Tiveden by historic land routes and waterways

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Hike, bike and paddle across Tiveden by his old forest roads and waterways.

A two-day cultural and historical trip over the beautiful Kyrkstigen, Bergslagsleden and the lakes Bosjön to Unden.

Enjoy the beautiful nature and cultural highlights from Tiveden, and have two experience-filled days. The trip takes you hiking over the historical forest paths through Tiveden, and paddling over an old waterway. You will experience unique environments, like nature reserves, industrial ruins, remains of charcoal making sites, and old settlers’ villages.
Of course you are going to enjoy great food, and a pleasant stay in a cozy Bed & Breakfast in the middle of the woods.

Day 1:
With a clear map and description, you start on the eastern side of lake Unden. At Camping Tiveden, the owners Hein & Marlies welcome you, and will help you to start your litte adventure.
From this camping you will bike 4 km to Tived, where you will enjoy a great Swedish ‘Fika’ at Tiveds Kafferosteri&Café. The owner, Nina, will show you around, and she will explain the traditional coffee-roasting process!


With a freshly baked and made lunch packed into your backpack, you continue on foot towars Tived’s Church, and turn onto the Kyrkstigen-trail, which will lead you to Tivedstorp, an old Finnish base village. This old path,walked by church people in earlier times, will take you through an old, fairy-like wood, exciting landscapes and beautiful nature reserves.
After a pleasant 5km hike, you will arrive at Tivedstorp, where you can enjoy your brought along lunch on one of the picknick tables. On the spot you can find a lot of interesting information about the village, and the Finnish settlers, who came here in the 17th century.

After lunch, you continue your hike on the Bergslagsleden trail towards Rödjorna Tiveden B&B. This part is about 6km, and takes you through the history of Tiveden as you pass by old wood-industry sites, ancient charcoal production sites and tiny villages. Also, the enchanting nature will make you wonder if trolls really do exist!
You may be prepared to meet a wood-Cock or a black Grouse in this wood!
Maybe tired, but surely content, you will arrive at Rödjorna Tiveden B&B,
here Aziz and Annemiek will kindly welcome you with some special tea or coffee, a hot shower and a delicious, ecological meal. Here on this quiet eco-farm with Icelandic horses and sheep, you will be able to fully relax, and maybe even enjoy a real Swedish sauna!
After this first active day you will have a nice sleep in the clean sheets.

Day 2:
Breakfast is served between 08.00 – 08.30 in the cozy living room, and after having received your lunch pack, you will set off to the last short bit of the Bergslagsleden trail towards lake Bosjön. After about 1km you will arrive at a shelter, where you will be met by Camping Tiveden who will help you into a Canadian canoe, or kayaks, and provide information about the paddle tour.


This tour takes you from the starting lake Bosjön over some smaller lakes, which will allow you to really indulge and enjoy the pure nature, the unique pink waterlilies, and culture spots like an old watermill and the ‘Giant’s chair’, which is a hole into the rocks, built in the last ice age. These smaller lakes will take you towards the main lake Unden . Under way you can enjoy your lunch on one of the many little rock-islands, and maybe even spot a Moose along the water line!
After having reached Unden, and you did paddle 10km over smaller lakes, now you continue paddling another 5km south over a big lake, before reaching the pier of Camping Tiveden.
Now you have had 2adventurous, experience-full days in the wilderness of Tiveden, and Hein and Marlies once again welcome you at Camping Tiveden.

The two day package includes (1 pers):
- Bike rental at Camping Tiveden
- Swedish Fika and coffee at Tiveds Kafferosteri&Café, including a personal tour of the roasting process
- 2x lunch-packs
- All-inclusive at Rödjorna B&B
- Rental of canadian canoes, incl. paddles, life coat and a cart from Camping Tiveden

Tips and ideas that are not included, and should be prebooked:
- Sauna at Rödjorna B&B or at Camping Tiveden
- A stay in a Cabin or Glamping spot at Camping Tiveden, before or after the trip.


Price per person: 1500SEK

Book here:


  0046 739 75 10 97

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