Challenging walks
Primeval forest
Pure nature
Fishing expeditions
Endless paddling
Meet the cranes
Meet silence
Green all around
Early mornings
Special evenings
Amazing silence
Welcome to our outdoors!

Move here

Move here

In Tiveden there is a lot of space to live quiet and healthy.

You can buy in the middle of the forest, at a lakeside and live in harmony with nature.

There are nice spots to build a new house, perhaps organic?

Vad drömmer du om? Bo långt in i skogen, i öppet landskap, på en hästgård eller i en liten by. Våga ta klivet! 

Here you will find more information om our communities:

Tivedens small towns

Tivedens small villages


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Houses on Hemnet i Laxå kommun                  

Houses on Hemnet i Askersunds kommun     

Houses on Hemnet i Karlsborgs kommun  



Rental houses from Laxåhem