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Record size fish, 2 hours from Stockholm!

Welcome to Tiveden Ecotourism. To avoid a damage to the populations of fish from increased fishing we ask all visitors to show the utmost respect for our aquatic life and fishing rules. In the area of Tiveden we support a more sustainable and durable leisure fishing. 

When visiting Tiveden you have the opportunity to catch fish of great size and variaty. Fish that you normaly only catch way up in the north. There is a lake here that has long been unknown to the general sportfishing scene. The name of the lake is Unden. Connected by groundwater to the second largest lake in Sweden, Lake Vättern, it is a perfect arena för large fish. People who knows about this lake consider it one of Swedens best lakes for Char. The Trout and Northern pike also reach record sizes here.

In Lake Skagern there is a unique fishing for Burbot. With several lakes of great interest in the area and the two largest lakes in Sweden only 30 minutes away by car Tiveden holds a fishing adventure for all. 


Fishing organisations: 

Undens Fiskevårdsorganisation

Skagerns Fiskevårdområdesförening

Laxsjöarnas Fiskevårdsförening

Hasselfors fiskeområde

Norra Vättern



Camping Tiveden 

Camp Skagern


Revelbadets Camping

Granvik Event

Sätra Bruk


Fishing guides:

Larsson Sportfiske

Mamos Fiskecharter




For more information contact Laxå turistinformation via email;



"Fishing in Tiveden Ecotourismarea" is a project with financial support from Leader Mellansjölandet. The purpose of the project is to create a complete overview of the fishing possibilities in the area. Laxå municipality as owner of the project wants to support and develop sustainable fishing tourism with viable and strong populations of fish.