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Tivedens has an exciting history, characterized by a newbuilding spirit, but also by street robbers and myths.

Due to its difficult accessibility, the forest formed a natural border between Götaland and Svealand. Tiveden lies in the scenery of Västergötland and Närke, between lake Vättern and Vänern.

Municipalities included are mainly Laxå, Askersund and Karlsborg. Gullspång / Hova but also parts of Töreboda and Degerfors are included. Today, the area is still largely bordered.

In the 1500s lots of Finnish people came here to make a living. Tiveden is the most southern Finnish forest area. Important was the forest för making charcoal to support the fabrication of iron. 

The name Tiveden is believed to originate from the ancient God 'Ti', also called Tyr, and 'ved' meaning forest.

Worth a visit and experience more:

Ramundeboda church in Laxå

Ramundeboda monasteryruines at lake Borasjön

Skagerhults churches in  Hasselfors



Laxå's bruksmuseum

Verner von Heidenstams room in Olshammarsgården

Birgittachurch in Olshammar

Kramarstan in Finnerödja