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Tivedens touristbus 2019

During spring, summer and autumn Laxå kommun will be organizing a bus to transport visitors from Laxå trainstation to Tiveden National Park and the surrounding areas and different accommodations.

"Travel to nature with nature in mind - You do not need a car"

Are you visiting Tiveden in 2019? Do you wish to travel in a more climate-friendly way? In 2019 the municipality will be organizing a bus that will make it possbible for visitors to Tiveden to leave their cars at home. Book your train to Laxå and from there you will be transported by bus out into your wilderness adventure. During spring and autumn the bus will only act as a transfer for visitors with pree-booked accommodation. In summer it will also be possible for single-day visitors to travel with the bus. 

For more information please visit tiveden.se/en/tivedsbussen